Halloweensie Writing Contest


It’s the 10th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest!

100 words or less and must include: skeleton, creep, and mask.

Happy Halloween to all! I think I’ll spend most of mine enjoying everyone’s Halloween stories 🙂


Costume Decisions

For three hundred sixty-four days,

Ben thought, “what to wear to amaze?”

He tried to outdo his previous look,

turn up the creep factor and make people shook.

But he’d been a witch, a ghoul, and a mummy

He’d dressed as a ghost, a vampire, and dummy.

What mask could make children cower and shake?

What frightening costume would take the cake?

Ben pondered and then with a skeleton grin,

concluded he had the costume to win.

On Halloween Night, he rose from the tomb,

decked out just in bones, Ben sure brought the boom.

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