“Sour Grapes”


That’s what my dad used to say. Whenever I wasn’t able to achieve something or get something I really wanted. “Eh. It’s probably not that great anyway.”

It works well as a mechanism for a while. Making what you can’t have negative and “sour” so you don’t feel so bad about not having it. But in the long run, I think it does more harm than good.

My mom and I have been trying to hunt morels for the past four years now. They didn’t grow back in Miami where we used to live, and we hadn’t even heard of them until recently. But every spring once we heard about these famous delectable shrooms, we were determined to find some.

In the beginning I had the highest of hopes. We searched all the grounds that websites say would spawn them. And went out in the muck after the right weather. We scoured through leaves and dead trees. Searched by streams. Checked any spot that would support rot.

But nothing turned up.

The next couple of springs we combed new areas…although I didn’t stay out hunting as long the second time. Even shorter the third.

And this year? Sour grapes.

They probably aren’t that good anyway.

My family and I went out in the yard today to swing a bit and play some ball. I decided to check on the new apple trees we planted and “Wait WHAT!?? No. WHAT!?”

Three little morels. Just at my feet. Unplanted. Unplanned. Certainly unexpected…especially in such a simple place as my own back yard.

It’s funny to find what you want when you finally stop searching.

Only three. And so tiny. But I called my mom immediately.

One thought on ““Sour Grapes”

  1. I’ve heard so much about Morrel mushrooms since coming to Missouri. These tender little whisps have hunters scavenging fields and forests. But these little guys are so tiny….I bet their flavor makes up for it!


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