Fall Writing Frenzy


A kidlit contest hosted by the amazing Kaitlyn Sanchez and incredible Lydia Lukidis. There’s still time to submit your own story. For rules or to read all the wonderful entries, click HERE.

Sibling Rivalry

“My goodness, I’m gorgeous!” Melinda said to her sister. “Behold my fair freckles.”

“Fair?” Belinda shrugged. “Perhaps, but far too many. If you want beauty, gaze upon my dainty nose.”

“Dainty?” scoffed Melinda. “Why it’s ginormous!”

The sisters turned away from each other.

Melinda plucked off her freckles one by one while Belinda trimmed her nose.

“See my unblemished skin?” asked Melinda. “My loveliness is beyond compare.”

“Unblemished? Sure,” scoffed Belinda. “But such wrinkles! True attractiveness lies in my rosy cheeks.”

“Rosy indeed!” mocked Melinda. “But look at how plump!”

The sisters turned away from each other again.

Melinda stretched her skin until it snapped.

Belinda pulled at her cheeks until they popped.

The sisters ripped and tore at their flaws so there would be nothing left but perfection.

Finally, Melinda turned to Belinda to declare herself the most beautiful.

“Oh my!” shrieked Melinda.

“Too far?” asked Belinda.

“My bones are prettier.”

18 thoughts on “Fall Writing Frenzy

  1. Wow. Such an original and creative cautionary tale. Not only did you work backwards from the photo, but you managed to.write a body-positive story featuring skeletons that is both horrifying and hilarious. Your descriptions were so bang-on, I could hear Melinda’s skin snap and Belinda’s cheeks pop. You really captured the delightful banter and wicked bickering of sisters, too. A scary but satisfying treat. @AnneLipton

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lmao! You would have loved to see my face while reading, it went from a knowing nod to a twisted “this is kinda a lot” to a super twisted “oh my goodness!” to a laugh! Then to see who wrote it a huge smile thinking” how didn’t I guess that?” You’re always so unique and surprising my friend. I love that you’re always experimenting and pushing limits, keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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