The Perfect Present



“When you bloom, you’ll be the perfect present!”
Emery planted the lily bulb in his finger-painted pot and hid it behind the shed.
He checked daily to make sure it had plenty of sun and water.
He showered the lily with love and songs.
Weeks passed and the lily grew tall and green under Emery’s care.
Small buds appeared as Mother’s Day approached.
And finally, the special day arrived.
Emery sprinted to his secret spot.
She will love it!
But his grin evaporated when he saw the lily.
The plant stood without a single flower.
Emery dropped to his knees near the no-longer-perfect present.
Shortly after, Mom found him.
“It didn’t bloom,” Emery sobbed.
Mom hugged him close.
“Oh Sweetie, you grew this for me?”
He nodded.
“Look at all the buds just about to pop. It’s perfect!”
Emery brightened.
“When they bloom it will be Mother’s Day number two!”


For Spring Fling Writing Contest. See more entries and/or add your own (until April 19) here:

12 thoughts on “The Perfect Present

  1. Are, Heather, I got the happy chills at the end, so sweet! I can definitely see you little one being this thoughtful. Please tell me it’s a true story😁
    I absolutely adore the twist! I totally thought, how sweet, he’s got his mom the perfect present now that she’s nurtured it so well, and then unexpected disaster! Oh I was all in and so happy his mom helped him see the potential!
    Thanks for entering the Spring Fling Writing Contest!


  2. I love Emery’s conclusion at the end. This story would go well with a classroom seed or bulb planting activity! Good luck in the contest.


  3. Such a great story, Heather! I love how thoughtful Emery is and how he’s able to turn his thoughts around at the end and see what his mom sees–an amazing gesture of kindness. 🙂 Good luck!!


  4. Be still my heart! What a precious gift! I could feel Emery’s excitement! And his crushing disappointment! Love!


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