Mac and Cheese!


This is the first I’ve written (well, in blog-form) since I started this site a year ago. However, not only is it the end of 2018, it is also the day after signing a contract to illustrate my first traditionally published book!

May I please introduce you to MAC AND CHEESE AND THE PERSONAL SPACE CASE written by the talented Jolene Gutiérrez! Click below for a post by Kathy Temean on other upcoming books from Spork.

After receiving the manuscript I went straight to work on sketching out what the main characters would look like. Although Oliver, the boy, and Ms. Lopéz, the teacher, went through a few revisions, I was pretty set in their overall “feel.” Mac and Cheese (the adorable class pet guinea pigs) were my favorite to figure out. I tried multiple techniques to capture their furry, fuzzy, cuddly squishyness and finally settled on the above.

Check back for updates on this upcoming book- set to release late 2019.

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